Volumetric Scale

Product Details

ALTINBILEK volumetric scale is used for economical loading and unloading process of free flowing products. Especially it is preferred in grain processing and/or grain storage facilities. Volumetric scales can make loading process with 1-1,5 % of accuracy.

The volumetric scale provides quick loading of trucks, tankers, wagons, etc. with high loading capacity. It abolishes unnecessary tours of trucks until reaching required capacity. Due to this gains from energy, time and labor will occur. Volumetric scale's montage is simple and requirements for space is limited, maintenance and technical service is not required and operator can calibrate easily.

Operation Principles; rotary impellor rotated by drive unit, placed in main cylindrical body receive product from inlet and discharge from outlet sections. While this process counter unit connected to drive section counter amount of passed segments. Counting of segments helps load product with certain quantity by previously entered determined quantity in acceptable accuracy range.

Observation opening is just for control purpose. Scale automatically stopped itself by the help of a sensor placed in the inlet section of scale.