Temperature Monitoring and Control Systems

Product Details

Temperature control systems can help to monitore temperature values of stored grain in silos. These systems are installed inside the silos to the silo roof.

Inside wire cable, placed microsensors that specially developed and durable from -55 °C to + 127.5 °C of temperature.

The special structure of wire cables help strong stretching, flexibility, (45kn) and provides resistance to lateral pressure. It is covered with polyethylene insulation.

It’s approved for medical and food industries. Reports of data and visualization is done through the control panel with LCD display. According to the customer demands software with pc support can be adapted. It provides continuous and reliable temperature of the grain. It transfers all information to the system, create a profile for stored grain and provides the ability to choose the right technology to maintain. Also it is optional to provide automatic ventilation management. This is an automation that the software controlled and the software evaluate all information from temperature and humidity of the environment and obtained from system termo control values.