Sweep Auger

Product Details

Sweep augers, allow transmission of granular products, which cannot discharged with natural flow, such as wheat, corn, sunflower, rape etc. to the center flowing point in flat bottom silo's easily and quickly. Unloading process follows trough an 360° rotation inside the silo. According to customer's request our manufacturing types are; Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty.

Appropriate for each silo diameter and capacity, it is manufactured as robust semi-circle tube body. Screw diameter and pitch is variable. Capacity adjustment sliders are available. Screw rotation and moving of the sweep auger's body inside the silo is provided with a single motor. The Sweep auger moves or stops in the movement direction, according to the bulk’s volume condition.

In Medium and Heavy Duty Sweep Augers;
» Actuation system with brake and pads.
» The walking speed with adjustable mechanically
» Rubber-coated, different scale, custın-patterned wheels
» Drive Wheel, compatible with ground surface, angular and adjustable
» Guiding wheels, compatible with ground surface, angular and adjustable
» Transmission of motion to guiding wheels through Universal Jointed shaft
» Clutch and anti-skid system
» Hanger housings with thrust bearing
» Covered Drive system, is available.

As optionally customized manufacturing of sweep augers, whose drive systems are under the silo. Standard production is painted steel or galvanized steel.