Tracked Sweep Auger

Product Details

ALTINBİLEK tracked sweep auger is used to kindly and fastly convey remaining products to central discharge point by turning 360-degree turning inside silo. Besides it is preferable in flat storage or warehouse applications.

Tracked sweep auger conveys product kindly, efficiently and safely by the help of flexible crawlers to central discharge point without any damage. It provides faster and safer operation inside silo.

Tracked sweep auger is designed to clean very close to the floor. And silo with tracked sweep auger is cleaner than silo with other sweep auger. Other sweep augers are able to discharge up to 4-5 cm remaining products inside silo.

It has a more durable body with qualified components, driven by a single motor, easier to use and it requires less maintenance. The tires are designed to slip to keep sweep from climbing the pile.