Rotary Drum Sieve

Product Details

With this cleaning, unwanted substances such as straw, wood fragments, pieces of corn cob, waste etc. will not harm other equipments. Applications like such as rough cleaning, precision cleaning, seed cleaning and grading etc. can be performed for cereal and leguminous seeds.

Due to continious rotation, the product flowing is better. It is preciser and lighter than vibro-sieves. Its maintenance is easy. Sieves have self-cleaning feature and it can seperate a very large foreign substances without clogging sieve inputs and outputs.

Drum sieves provide high efficiency and low power consumption with strong designed structure. Sieve hole diameter varies according to product. Sieve changing is made through easy opened side cover very quickly. Rollers, made self-cleaning during sieving. According to the situation of the foreign substances in the product, drum sieve angle can be adjusted and the angular adjustment action is made through a motorized mechanism. Drum rotation speed can be adjusted electronically. The screening can be controlled during the operation, through the sample receiving control points.