Inclined Chain Conveyor

Product Details

ALTINBİLEK, inclined chain conveyors, ensure transport of cereal and similar products easily in desired volume, undamaged and economic ways according to customer’s desired angle and slope. High-quality support chain is used.

The plastic palettes on the support chain prevent steel to steel friction and ensure maximum performance. It is economic, does not involve much maintenance. Inclined chain conveyor works under heavy duty conditions and provides easy access of places which are hard to be reached. Additionally it provides to use the area efficiently. With its dust and weather tight, head, tail and intermediate sections are designed for easy assembling. Trough sections are manufactured special to prevent stretching and it is has double chambers. Standard manufactured chains are durable against overloading also long lived.

According to customer demand it can be manufactured in various angles and sizes. And our standard manufacturing is of galvanized steel, painted steel and stainless steel upon request. Our manufacturings are completely bolted. Mounting and maintenance is easy.