Hopper Bottom Silos

Product Details

Hopper bottom silos are typically used in aplications where routine and fast clean out is required or just to reduce the energy and labor cost of material handling.

» Different hopper angles can be manufactured according to silo diameter, product type to be stored, natural conditions of the place where silo is desired to be erected and customer demands.

» Bracing system is designed for a maximum support.

» BBCA Storex uses Grade 8 (10.9 K) bolts and nuts which have JS1000 or other special coating (rust-free in over 1000 hours of salt spray testing. That is up to 10 times more corrosion resistance) also special insulation material is used for the afficient sealing.

» High galvanization (S350GD and minumum 600 g/m² coating) and perfect quality bolts obtain longer guarantee against puncture by corrosion.

» The steel corrugation and high galvanization reduce the temperature oscillations inside of the silos and keep the product in better conditions.

» Perfect gradient, so that, when it rains, the water falls directly to the ground from the body of the silo.

» BBCA Storex provides aeration systems to meet your grain conditioning needs.