Flat Bottom Silos

Product Details

Flat Bottom Silos deliversity by involving easy assembly resulting in minimal installation costs and highly efficient low cost storage.

» BBCA Storex offers a capacity range of 25-20.000 tones.

» BBCA Storex offers diameter-based roof options that help balance performance with price. Also self-supporting roofs with apporiate angle, permitting the optimization of storage capacity through adaptation to the slope of the silo.

» Manufactured with S350GD galvanized steel SD350GD with Z600 minimum coating equivalent to 600gr/m² of zinc.

» BBCA Storex uses Grade 8 (10.9 K) bolts and nuts which have JS1000 or other special coating (rust-free in over 1000 hours of salt spray testing. That’s up 10 times more corrosion resistance ) also special insulation material is used fo the efficient sealing.

» BBCA Storex’s side discharge system allows gravity load out to truck or rail cars.

» BBCA Storex’s temperature control system control system consists of temperarure sensors installed inside the cables to measure the grain temperature, and portable or stationary temperature screens. The temperature control system is connected with the PLC to allow for controlling the grain temperature inside the silos via the PLC screen.