Feed Silos

Product Details

» Feed silos are designed for protecting feed from any kind of adverse condition also.

» Feed silos designed to serve efficiently with it’s advantages such as easy installation, low cost and other engineering details.

» Feed silos are completely made from hot-dip galvanised steel (S350GD and min.600g/m² coating) Grade 8 (10.9 K) quality bolts and nuts.

» Special designed feed silo roofs which are manufactured according to the feed stance angle, have more capacity than standart silo roofs.

» Weather tight connection of the roof to the sidewall prevents moisture from entering the silo, keeping your feed protected from moisture and rain.

» Our bottom sidewall design drip lip is a roll-formed special bottom sidewall edge that forces water away from running down the hopper and keeping water away from silo seams.

» Top lid opens a full 180 degrees to prevent any interference with fill equipment. Optional ground control kit allows you to safety open and close the lid from the ground without climbing silo.

» Optional pneumatic systems; loading and unloading are provided by using air systems by special designed loading-unloading tubes and special locked lids.

» Special designed grain level control glass provides to control feed from outside.