Bucket Z-Elevator

Product Details

Z Bucket Elevator is begin used to transport products vertically and horizontally from one or more feed points. The transmission is provided through aligned series of buckets, carried by a chain, up one after the other. Chains moves on a simple guide and with no friction and strain. Buckets in elevators with multiple output is unloaded by tipping at the outlets. Optionally, buckets can be antistatic or stainless steel.

Products can be transported through horizontal, vertical or inclined configurations without another carrier transfer to another system. Transported products are transfered carefully, without damages and silently.

It has a modular form for usage in a limited area. It is suitable for structure changing. High efficient transport can be provided through low power consumption. It is simple and functional, it can be used in many application areas such as agricultural, chemical, drug, cosmetic and food industry.

It is manufactured as painted steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel. Food grade epoxy painted productions are subjected before painting with special sırface operations such as sandblasting. It could be manufactured according to all kind of customer demands.