Bucket Elevator With Circular Boot

Product Details

Bucket elevator with circular boot with adjustable round lower boots provide vertical grain carrying at slow speed in order to minimize the mixin of the remains of the previous product. It is ideal for using grain, pulses and feed industry products.

Top head is of bimetallic manufacture. The exist replaceable steel or rubber wear plates at the sections where the grain hits and rubs against inside the top head. The motion generated by the motor is transferred to the reducer by means of a V-Belted pulley. The reducer is directly connected to the drive shaft and it has a reversion lock. The drum is coated with rubber to be able to prevent the belt’s skidding and skating.

The lower boot pieces is round shaped. The distance between the buckets and the lower piece can be adjusted fast, easy and sensitively so that it prevents bulk accumulation in the lower piece. The elevator’s belt is stretched with tension screws as telescopical. The elevator pipes are fabricated with 2mm and 3mm thickless sheel metal. The maximum pipe lenght is 3 meters. Our standar production is painted steel, galvanized steel or optionally stainless steel.